Alexander’s Coffee Bar- Sidney

Before we dive into this week’s post, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share some sad news. This past week saw the passing of one of my original supporters. He wouldn’t miss a single post and even gifted me a couple different coffees to try and review. This one is dedicated to you, Mel, we miss ya!

This week we head up to Sidney B.C. to check out Alexander’s. It’s quite a quaint little shop with a few knickknacks and the standard assortment of coffee offerings. I ordered a latte while I was there for the purpose of this review. I found the foam to be a highlight of the drink. It was very velvety and there was a perfect ratio of it in the cup. The espresso wasn’t quite as prominent as I normally like, but it had some nice subtle undertones. You get a hit of chocolate up front followed by a nuttiness that mingles well together. At the end, I got a slight hint of spice that really helped it earn a couple extra points in my book. The cinnamon/nutmeg spice was quite appropriate for the season, reminding me a lot of the holidays.

Overall, I was quite impressed with this offering from Alexander’s. If you find yourself in Sidney on Vancouver Island, I highly recommend popping in for a coffee!


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