Red Racoon Coffee- Rum Aged Coffee

After a much longer time than I wanted, I’m finally back with the highly anticipated part two of my Red Racoon Coffee series. If you want to catch up on the first part, or if you’d just like a refresher, you can find part one here. For part two I sampled their rum aged coffee offering.

Right off the hop, the aroma on this roast was offering a certain kind of richness, where smoky notes abounded. These were followed nicely by a certain sweetness akin to honey. In terms of taste, the smokiness hit heavy up front. However, it wasn’t overwhelming as it coupled well with the sweet notes I was picking up on in the aroma. This helped create an unexpectedly crisp finish that was quite pleasant. Additionally, I got a lingering hint of citrus that helped refresh the roast a bit. Overall, I was quite impressed with the roast! Thanks for this Red Racoon, keep up the great work!


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