My Top 5 Roasters of 2021

Welcome to part two of my year end recap, where I look back on some of my favourite roasters of 2021. I tried A LOT of different coffees this year, so this list was really hard to put together, but I did the hard work and came up with my list- enjoy!

5) Single Village Coffee Roasters
Back in April, I was introduced to a great Ugandan coffee from Single Village. I was very impressed with how approachable the cup was, being a dark roast and all. So far this is the only roast of theirs that I’ve tried and I think by putting them at number 5 speaks to how much of an impression this coffee left on me. I really want to try more from Single Village in 2022!

Check out my full review of Single Village here.

Red Racoon Coffee

4) Red Racoon Coffee
Now, 2021 was apparently the year of infused coffee. From the first time I tried one, I’ve loved the unique notes that these kinds of coffees offer. I love the coffee that Red Racoon has in their line-up. I also really like the people behind Red Racoon, they are incredibly nice and I appreciate that. Keep up the great work Red Racoon!

My review of Red Racoon can be found here.

3) The Stick In The Mud Coffee House
Another roaster that made their impression on me through a dark roast (maybe 2021 was the year of the dark roast for me?). They’ve got a great name and they have some fantastic coffee. There was a great balance of notes on the blend that I tried and I really appreciated that.

Check out my whole review of Stick in the Mud here.

Beach Camp Coffee Co.

2) Farm & Forest Coffee Roasters
I made quite a few posts regarding Farm & Forest. I had the pleasure of trying several of their coffees and partnered with them on a coll giveaway. I can’t say enough about the team at Farm & Forest and all they do. I highly recommend checking them out- they are fantastic!

The review of my favourite Farm & Forest roast can be found here.

1) Beach Camp Coffee Co.
One of my first roasters I tried after my move to the Island, Beach Camp impressed with all three roasts I tried. All of them had very different characteristics, but all three were memorable. Aside from the coffee, I also really like the design of their bags (visual is important too). Thanks for everything you’re doing Beach Camp!

Check out a full review of Beach Camp here.

Thanks for all your support in 2021, it means the world! Cheers to another year of drinking coffee!


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