Pallet Coffee- Vancouver

Happy 2022! I hope you all had a great new year. Welcome back to another year of reviews and coffee talk. Let’s dive in. On a snowy morning, I headed to the Oak Street location (shout out!) of Pallet Coffee. I didn’t stick around, opting to take my cortado to-go, but I did make note of how warm and inviting the interior of the cafe was. There were a lot of warm wood tones and several large windows that let a lot of natural light in (and increased your ability to people watch). As mentioned, I ordered a cortado and, no exaggeration, it was the best cortado I’ve ever had. Here’s why.

The espresso was incredibly rich and complex in this drink. Upfront, I found a very intense nuttiness paired with rich chocolate notes. This espresso lightened up on the back end where notes of blueberry entered the picture. I would liken my overall impression of this espresso to those Brookside Blueberry Acai chocolate balls. In addition to this, the espresso paired wonderfully with what was an incredibly velvety milk. It was a wonderful pairing that was perfect for a chilly, snowy morning. Keep up the great work Pallet, I will definitely have to be back when I’m over there for a visit. In the meantime, I really want to try one of their at-home coffees, so potentially stay tuned for that.


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