Habit Coffee- Victoria

Habit Coffee has been on my list of places to try for quite some time now, so I was incredibly jazzed that I was finally able to hit them up. Long story short, they did not disappoint. The vibe was good, the people were great, and above all, the coffee was fantastic!

I decided to continue my cortado kick that I’ve been on as of late (although I’d be lying if I didn’t say that their ‘root beer fog’ was a tempting choice as well). I always say that in a cortado, the espresso is the star, and if this espresso was in Hollywood, it would be an A-lister for sure. The espresso was very bouncy and vibrant up front. I got a lot of heavy fruity, berry notes that paired well with undertones of chocolate. As the cortado cooled, the espresso took on more of a raisin or date note that I really appreciated. I found that the notes in the espresso complimented the milk quite well. Overall, I was incredibly happy with my experience at Habit and I can definitely see myself making it more of a ‘habit’ to visit more often.


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