Diego Rubelo (Costa Rica)- Pallet Coffee

A few weeks back, I got the chance to check out one of Pallet Coffee’s cafes in Vancouver. I was incredibly impressed with them and knew that I needed to try some of the coffee that they roast. So, in quick fashion, I placed an order for a couple bags. This coffee was a sample that they included in the box (thanks guys) and it kicks off a three part series of Pallet Coffee’s coffee. Let’s dive in!

The aroma on this roast was quite light and smooth with a sweetness akin to a plum or a peach. There was also a slight spice on the nose that coupled well with a slight hint of chocolate. Taste-wise, I found it to be incredibly fruit forward. It was very reminiscent of a peach pie, especially in terms of sweetness. On the back end I got a hit of molasses that mixed well with the chocolate notes. This roast had a really long, strong finish which I appreciated. Overall, I was very impressed with this roast and I am very excited to try the other two coffees I got! Stay tuned for those reviews in the coming weeks.


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