The Palm Coffee Trailer- Abbotsford

To start this review off, I have to ask the question- why does all the cool stuff happen in my hometown after I move away?! Haha. The Palm is a prime example. I’ve been excited to try out their offerings ever since they launched and was finally able to make that happen when I was out visiting family the other weekend. It did not disappoint.

First of all, the trailer (and really, all the associated branding) is a vibe! It’s cozy, beachy, and, most importantly, fun AF! Their whole brand (and the people running the trailer, know what they’re doing. This know-how also translates to their coffee.

I had a good old fashioned latte when I was there. It was incredibly creamy and I found that the espresso wasn’t quite as prominent as I normally experience it. However, it did still come through, especially the more I drank it. As for the notes on the espresso, it was very nutty overall which is something I quite enjoy. This coupled well with the chocolate notes on the back end. To add to the fun vibe of the experience, the art on the top of my beverage was shaped like a couple of palms. The coffee was quite good overall and the experience just puts it over the top. I really appreciated how they had thought through every detail of the guest experience- it was great to see!

Thanks for the amazing experience! If you’d like to check out The Palm for yourself, and you totally should, they can be found up at Highstreet Mall.


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