Grays Cafe- Sidney

Grays is a relatively new cafe on the scene and I recently got the chance to check them out and see what they were up to. They have a great little space and they certainly make the most of it! It’s a great, bright space that serves some really solid coffee.

I ordered myself a latte on this trip and overall it was very solid. There was a touch too much foam for my liking in a latte (but man, was it good foam, so no points off there). The espresso was really solid. There was a good balance of boldness with the smooth, creaminess of the milk. In terms of notes on the espresso, there were chocolate and pepper notes up front. I really liked the pepper notes because it adds a sense of warmth and comfort. This theme of spice carried throughout the espresso, even as it cooled, which kept me engaged in the beverage. Overall, I was quite impressed with this latte. Shout out to Drumroaster Coffee who supplies Grays with their beans, and of course a very special shout out to the team at Grays. Great service, amazing space, and fantastic coffee- what’s not to love?


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