Hey Happy Coffee- Victoria

Hey Happy has been on my list of shops to try for quite some time, so I was pretty stoked to be able to finally check them out. They have a great space downtown. It’s very bright and inviting, but also cozy and laid back at the same time. Unfortunately they were packed when I got there (a Sunday on a long weekend will do that), so I did have to take my latte to go, but I was really digging the vibe in the shop.

The latte itself was a very solid offering. It was incredibly creamy and velvety and the espresso was quite delicate at first. I got notes of both chocolate and a nuttiness (both of which combined create a solid combo). This latte was a perfect example of flavour and intensity building over time. The more sips I took, the bolder the espresso became. It was a very rich and well-bodied drink and I was overall very impressed with the latte. I will definitely be back!

If anything, I’ll have to come back and try their root beer latte. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of syrup or any sort of sweetener in my coffee, but colour me intrigued. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.


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